Here are a few testimonals of our clients. The testimonials below show how our clients have benefited from our programmes. We think that their positive experience will encourage you to contact us and try our effective method. Please feel free to contact us should you need more information or if you have any questions.

J.R. – HR Director. Financial services

Frédérique has very professional and specific skills that explain why she is an excellent teacher of business French. She is able to correctly assess her clients’ needs and the most suitable teaching method for them. Classes are organised in a such way that the learning process is entertaining and pleasant, and as much attention is given to the grammatical part as the use of the language. She is a demanding teacher who also understands clients’ constraints. Her strong ability explains why she can help her students learn business French fast and accurately. I recommend her classes strongly.

M.S. – Sales Director. Financial services

Frédérique helped me improve my French more than any other professor I have had before. Thanks to her energy, involvement, dynamism and unique pedagogical approach, she manages to increase her students’ motivation level.
Frédérique never gets discouraged! She always remains engaged during a lesson, believing in her students’ ability to learn French. Throughout a class, without fail, she deploys different techniques aligned with her teaching approach, always to the benefit of her students. And she does so with a positive mindset and a smile!

I.M. – Marketing Director. Consumer goods

The training programme with 4 hours of classes per day was very intensive and demanding. Thanks to Frédérique’s enthusiasm, commitment and professionalism, it was not only very effective, but also very enjoyable. I had a pleasant time brushing up my knowledge of French. I improved not only my knowledge of French grammar, but also my ability to speak the language. By learning how to use the key words and expressions and simulating real situations, I was able to master business communication in French in record time. Thank you for your valuable and sharp advice, and for tailoring your sessions to my specific needs.

D.M. – Gynaecologist. Assisted Reproduction

Frédérique’s teaching method based on real situations helped me improve my level of French very quickly. I also really appreciated Frédérique’s attention and patience to correct both my pronunciation and grammar. Thank you very much for your work!

R.B. – Gynaecologist. Assisted Reproduction

The French classes were tailored to my specific work needs; this approach allowed me to improve relatively fast and to use the acquired knowledge on a daily basis.

A.A. – Finance Director. Financial services

Frédérique has a high capacity to conduct classes and to focus on the most important day to day topics which are necessary to improve one’s business French. She has provided me the tools that have allowed me to communicate in French in the different aspects of my role. She is a very professional person who is very engaged in her work.
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