The training programmes are focused on the specific needs of the clients and based on our methodology. Our classes are not classical or traditional French classes. They are tailored to the specific needs of our clients and designed to help them achieve in record time specific objectives previously defined. Our goal is to make sure that our clients are able to handle in French all the situations that they may live or already live in their different day-to-day tasks.

Those objectives are the result of a discussion and evaluation of each of the clients’ language needs undertaken before starting the programme. Creating a close collaboration between the trainer and the client allow to define better the objectives to achieve.

We offer remote and face to face classes. We always adapt to clients’ schedule and needs. We simulate real situations that the clients may live, preparing and encouraging them for relevant situations. We also work with them on all areas of their French language skills, i.e. grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, common expressions, etc.

What do we offer?

Programmes - Your French Classes

  • Improve your French communication for business and work
  • Individualised training programmes
  • Technical business French classes

We offer the possibility to organise the learning experience into modules. Each module has specific learning objectives, which allows to sequence the learning process.



Classes format

Classes format - Your French Classes

Classes type
  • One to one or group: We usually recommend individual classes, because they are more effective and personalised, and also small groups.
  • Intensive or throughout a defined period: Depending on the needs of our clients and the time that can be dedicated to the learning process, we offer different ways to sequence the classes. Programmes can be very short and last only a few days, e.g. a preparation for an oral presentation, or last one year.
  • The learning process is based on simulations and role-playing: We prepare and encourage our clients to practice real and relevant business situations that they may live using mainly key words and expressions, and other tools such as videos, articles, etc. The objective is to make our clients ready for the “d” day so that they can communicate with impact in French.



Programme location
  • On-site at the client’s firm or
  • Online using WebEx or Skype
Class duration
  • 1 hour or 1 hour ½
  • Once or twice a week, or more if it is an intensive programme

The experience we have with our clients confirms that the second option, i.e. 1 hour ½, is more effective and is usually the best option to improve and master business communication in French. The more you practice in a short period of time with our method, the more you will learn in record time.


The most popular themes are as follow:

Themes - Your French Classes

  • Introduce oneself (identity, position, responsibilities), other people and the firm
  • Presentations
  • Meetings and discussions
  • Negotiations
  • Phone calls, visioconference
  • Writing (emails, reports, etc.)
  • Social events and social relationships
  • Language skills (grammar, pronunciation, intonation, listening and reading comprehension)

Other themes can be covered based on the needs of our clients.


Our method is based on the practice of real business situations. This is an effective method allowing to communicate in a foreign language with confidence and fluency. This is also an easy and strong method for a useful practice. We simulate real situations that the participants may live in their different day-to-day business tasks, and encourage active participation.

Method - Your French Classes

  • Objectives of the learning process
    • Be more proficient in professional communication at an international level for the participant’s relevant situations
    • Improve French language skills: grammar, pronunciation, intonation, listening and reading comprehension
  • Tools used for the learning process
    • Authentic document news, videos, oral presentations, etc.


  • Our clients are: For non-native speakers of all levels. Directors, managers, executives and other professionals with responsibilities who want to improve their business communication in French.
  • Sectors: All of them! We have been working with banks, e.g. financial services, clinics, e.g. fertility and health centres, pharmaceutical companies and laboratories, consumer goods companies, the real estate sector, textile industry, and many more!

Clients - Your French Classes

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