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Your French Classes provides tailored language training programmes for professional purposes. This is the right place to master day-to-day business communications in French in record time thanks to our learning method based on simulations and role-playing, and personalised approach.

With Your French Classes you will learn from native teachers with international experience in the area of business management, language training and communication skills.

Your French Classes

Our teachers are specialised in technical business French. Thanks to them and their experience, we have helped our clients communicate with their peers in their areas of specialty, including in technical and scientific fields.

We have been providing these classes for the last three years to professionals from different companies and sectors to help them improve their business communication in French. We focus mainly on oral communication and presentation (e.g., teleconference, meetings, phone calls) and train also on written communication (e.g., emails, documents).

Our approach is based on creativity, enthusiasm and passion. We create a pleasant and stimulating environment that promotes an effective and positive learning process. This is why our programmes are so special and valuable.

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